How to Commission Artwork

Interested in commissioning me to do a personalized piece of art for you?  I will make your ideas come to life.  It's easy if you follow these simple steps.

1.  What is the approximate size you are looking for?

2.  What is the subject matter for the work?  Be as descriptive as you can, and if possible, sample images.

3.  Any additional information that will aide me in creating a personalized work for you.  (  colors, reason for the artwork, etc.)

4.  Whether or not you would like it framed by me, or if you would like to frame it yourself.

What I will need from you before I start.

1.  A signed contract.  I will email you a contract which needs to be signed and returned with a 30% non-refundable deposit to cover material costs and time to start your commission.  The 30% non-refundable deposit will be applied to the final total upon completion.

2.  Clear reference material if the commission is of a specific person, location, etc.

What you will recieve from me.

1.  Initial sketch

2.  Update 1

3.  Update 2

4.  Update 3

5.  Final proof


Initial Sketch

Initial sketch so you can see where the elements of your work will be and where I am headed.


Update 1

Intial sketch with some rough work penciled in.

Update 2

As I start to paint, you will see the progress.

Update 3

Almost finished, just a few details to add before finishing.

Final Proof

Digital version of the final piece.


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