Artist Statement     

Addison Vincent – Visual Artist


My works tend to focus on what I call, “the nature of things”, the musings of the human condition and the natural world.  My works generally start as a single, broad thought, which I let manifest while I create organically, letting the thoughts and emotions guide my hand.  The theme of my work usually reveals itself as I near the end of the process, showing me what my subconscious mind was focused on.

     I mainly work in acrylic paints and mixed media.  My greatest satisfaction comes from experimentation with mediums and unconventional tools which gives me the freedom to explore with different techniques to produce a unique look to my work.   

-   Addison Vincent


About the Artist

 Addison Vincent is a freelance artist from Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He studied art history and business administration at the University of Hartford, and began his art career shortly after graduating with honors in Visual Communications from Gibbs School (Sanford-Brown) in 1999.  He worked as a commercial graphic designer for a few years, further developing his skills in design and various artistic methods, before making the decision to follow his true passion of fine art.

      Addison’s chosen media can range greatly.  The media in his work ranges from mixed media, to more classical art methods such as acrylic and oil painting.  Addison pushes viewers to step outside of the normal confines of what defines fine art and design by discarding the mundane and setting new guidelines, thereby opening people to new types of visual stimulation.

Addison has completed many works on a commission basis for both private parties and businesses, stage productions, short stories, album covers, while presenting his original works in several shows at Trenton, NJ’s Artworks Gallery; The Galleries at the Straube Center in Pennington, NJ; Veridian Gallery in Pennington, NJ; Prince St. Gallery in NYC; Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA; Sales Gispellie in Philadelphia, PA; Hamilton St. Gallery in Bound Brook, NJ; The Gallery at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ; The Gallery at Plainsboro Library, Plainsboro, NJ; Lakefront Gallery at RWJ University Medical Center in Hamilton, NJ; The Investors Bank Gallery at Capital Health – Hopewell, NJ; Hopewell Valley Vineyards, Pennington, NJ; the Raven Gallery and Boutique in Jersey City, NJ; BSB Gallery in Trenton, NJ; and the Visual Stream Gallery in Lambertville, NJ;  as well as various art shows and fairs in the Tri State area.

     Addison has curated many successful group and solo exhibits at Villager’s PAC in Somerset, NJ; Artworks Trenton in Trenton, NJ; Straube Center in Pennington, NJ; Munich RE, in Plainsboro, NJ; Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell, NJ; and the Historic Roebling WireWorks building in Trenton, NJ; as well as local art festivals around NJ, and PA.       

          Addison is the Exhibition Coordinator at Artworks Trenton, in Trenton NJ, where he guides artists through the exhibition process and curates shows.




Artist CV    


1998-1999 – Gibbs School (Sanford Brown)

-        Graduated with Honors in Visual Communications

1996-1998 – University of Hartford

-        Studied Business Administration and Art History


Solo Exhibitions:                              


July – Surreal Serenity – Hopewell Valley Vineyards – Hopewell, NJ


November – Solo Exhibition – Trenton Social – Trenton,NJ


January to April - Free Association – Straube Center, Pennington, NJ


 Group Exhibitions:


June - Art All Night -  Trenton, NJ

October - Trenton Puzzle Piece - BSB Gallery - Trenton, NJ

October - November- Spirited - Visual Stream Gallery - Lambertville, NJ

November - The Collaborators Exhibition - BSB Gallery - Trenton, NJ


April – June – What Are You Looking At? – Raven Gallery and Boutique – Jersey City, NJ

June – July – SELECTS EXHIBITION – ARTWORKS Trenton – Trenton, NJ

November - December – ART ALL DAY EXHIBITION – ARTWORKS Trenton – Trenton, NJ

December - January 2018 - 10x10 Exhibition - ARTWORKS Trenton - Trenton, NJ  


April – June 2016 – TAWA Invitational – RWJUH Lakefront Gallery – Hamilton, NJ

June 2016 – Art All Night – Trenton, NJ

June 2016 –  Pancake and Booze Art Show – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA

August 2016 – Against the Grain – Art of the Counter Culture – Artworks Trenton – Trenton, NJ

September 2016 – Trenton Makes – Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell, NJ

October 2016 – Nightmare on the Bayou – Artworks Trenton – Trenton, NJ

 December 2016 – 10x10 Exhibition – Artworks Trenton – Trenton, NJ


June 2015 – YART Sale – Hopewell Train Station – Hopewell, NJ

June 2015 – Pancake and Booze Art Show – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA

June 2015 – Art Served Up Trenton Style – Prince St. Gallery – New York, New York

October – Nov 2015 – Sands ( The Vanishing of Time ) – Hamilton St. Gallery – Bound Brook, NJ

October 2015– Art Served Up Trenton Style – The Gallery @ MCCC – West Windsor, NJ

October 2015 – Carnival of Shadows – Artworks Trenton - Trenton, NJ

December 2015 - January 2016 - Artworks 10x10 Exhibition - Artworks Trenton - Trenton, NJ

December 2015 - January 2016 - Art Served Up Trenton Style - The Gallery @ Plainsboro Library - Plainsboro, NJ


January– March 2014 – Works on Canvas – ­Straube Center – Pennington, NJ

May 2014– Alpha Genesis – ARTWORKS TRENTON - Trenton, NJ

June 2014 – Art All Night – ARTWORKS TRENTON - Trenton, NJ

July – October 2014 – Alpha Genesis – ­Straube Center - Pennington, NJ

October 2014 – Art of Darkness Exhibition – ARTWORKS TRENTON - Trenton, NJ

December 2014 – 10x10 Exhibition – ARTWORKS TRENTON - Trenton, NJ


June 2013 – Art All Night – ARTWORKS TRENTON – Trenton, NJ

July 2013 - Music and Art Expo – Warren, NJ

October 2013 – Art of Darkness Exhibition – ARTWORKS TRENTON – Trenton, NJ

December 2013 - Music and Art Expo – Warren, NJ

December 2013 – 10x10 Exhibition – ARTWORKS TRENTON – Trenton, NJ


August 2012 - Flipside Fairytale ( artists and curator ) – Villagers PAC in Somerset, NJ


August 2011 - Elements ( artists and curator ) – Villagers PAC in Somerset, NJ

 Public Art


Participating artist in Windows of Soul – Trenton, NJ


Participating artist in Windows of Soul – Trenton, NJ


Participating artist in Windows of Soul – Trenton, NJ


Other Related Work


-           Curator for Transformations – Post Industrial Trenton – Westminster Choir College of Rider University @ Roebling WireWorks – Trenton, NJ 


-           Curator for Trenton Makes – Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell, NJ

-           Curator for The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence – Trinity UMC, Ewing, NJ


-           Curator for Innovation – Munich RE – Plainsboro, NJ


-           ­January to Present – Exhibits Coordinator/Curator at Artworks Trenton

-           Illustrator for Locust in Your FroYo, by Martin Parker


-           Founded Allegory Lab Art Collective 


-           Set Design for All InThe Timing – Edison Valley Playhouse

2005 to Present

-           Freelance Artist, specializing in commissioned works.

 2001 to 2003

-       Graphic Designer at Grupe Inc. ( Mr. Sign, East Brunswick, NJ )

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